Despite the movement towards digital music distribution, there is has been a resurgence of demand for vinyl records. That means turntables are needed as well. Vinyl recordings better capture the true sound of the recording, especially in songs that have fast transitions, such as a driving drum beat.

A modern Hi Fi system has all of the accessories that you need to connect your digital devices. But nowadays it rarely includes the turntable. That leaves you with a choice: you can buy either a few components for a stereo system or a system with a turntable. A Hi-Fi system with turntable covers all of your bases at once, saving you time and space.

Best Hi-Fi Systems with Turntable

Hi-Fi System


Teac MC D800


  • Installation – the unit is ready to go right out the box. It should take you no more than a couple of minutes to get it up on your shelf and playing your favorite tunes.
  • Customizable Speakers – unlike other all-in-one units that have connected speakers, with the MC-DC800 you can customize the size and strength of the speakers. The stock speakers are fantastic for almost every user though. If you’re looking for an upgrade, check out some Pioneer speakers for a better overall experience.
  • Bluetooth – Because the MC-D800 is Bluetooth compatible you can control it from any direction in just about any room in your home.
  • Appearance -The unit is sleek, with a retro feel. It’s small enough to blend in with other items on your shelf and it doesn’t dominate the room with its size.
  • Price – At around $300 on Amazon you are unlikely to find an all-in-one system that includes as many features as the MC-D800.


  • Controls – Some of the controls, like the bass/treble balance, are only accessible when you use the remote. If you lose the remote, you may be in serious trouble.
  • Speed – There have been some complaints about the playback speed of the turntable, claiming it plays at 33 2/3 RPM instead of the standard 33 1/3. The apparent difference in speed can be attributed to many factors, though it generally comes down to the listener’s perception and not a physical problem with the unit.

The TEAC MC-D800-CH with Bluetooth is one of the best values on the market. TEAC America has been a constant innovator and leading designer for years. Their products are affordable, but don’t sacrifice features and quality for value. At slightly over two feet long, the MC-D800 fits comfortably on just about any shelf or counter top in your home. What makes the unit truly unique is that you can separate the speakers. This allows you to play your music as loud as you want, never worrying about distortion or vibration that comes from high volumes. Whether your music is on your mobile device, your PC, a CD or an LP, the MC-D800 gives you a rich, full sound.

The MC-D800 is one of the best all-in-one Hi Fi systems with a turntable on the market today.


Alternatives to HiFi Systems with Turntable

If you already have a Hi-Fi system you’re fond of, upgrading isn’t the only way to get to play your vinyls. You can buy a separate player that fits your budget.

If your system has a phono input, buy a turntable with phono output. You can find such devices in all price ranges. If you’re looking for best quality, the $500 price range is worth checking out. Plus pretty much all turntables in that range have phono output. If that range is a bit too steep, the $200 list has a few really good devices with phono output.

If your system doesn’t have phono input, it certainly has line input. That means you can connect any devices with line-level output. Check out the mentioned $200 list and also the under $100 list, as both ot them have some gems.

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