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Beginners Guide to Turntables

Beginner’s Guide to Turntables

Are you new to turntables and/or a little confused as to how they work? Designed to smoothly spin vinyls at a constant rate of speed, turntables are actually simple devices. Once you learn a few basics of turntables, you will...

Updated on January 25, 2018
Best Turntables under 500

Best Turntables Under $500

Choosing a turntable under $500 means you're no longer looking for entry-level equipment. While the budget of $500 is a far cry from what audiophiles pay for their record players (often over $1000 only for the turntable), it's budget that...

Updated on January 25, 2018

Best Turntables with Built-in Speakers

If you're looking for a portable, all-in-one type of record player, you're certainly looking for the best turntable with built-in speakers. There are quite a few really good players with speakers available on the market. And the more choices available,...

Updated on January 23, 2018
Best Turntables under 200

Best Turntables Under $200

Finding the best turntable under $200 is not that difficult. Record players in this price range can be a good addition to your system if you are not ready for the big-ticket item yet. Before choosing a device in this...

Updated on January 25, 2018
Best Turntables Under $100

Best Turntables Under $100

If you're a beginner looking for the best turntables under $100, we have got you covered. This article will help you choose your first record player.

Updated on January 30, 2018