Looking for the best soundbar under $300? A flat screen TV makes a great addition to any entertainment system but let’s face it, the speakers are weak. And the performance of the speakers does affect the listening experience. This goes especially if you’re watching your favorite show or playing video games.

A mid-range sound bar comes with a host of advanced features that will change your listening experience forever. There’s just no going back to crappy TV audio after using a sound bar! Unlike your average TV stereo speakers, a soundbar adds fantastic clarity and depth to the audio. This goes for dialogue and music. Suffice it to say, soundbars bring life back to your favorite games, music, and TV shows. And there are so many options to choose from, there’s a sound bar for every budget!

A $300 soundbar is by no means cheap so what can you expect from models at this price points? Let’s take a look at the best soundbars under $300.

Best Soundbars under $300

VIZIO S4251w-B4

VIZIO S4251w-B4


  • Advanced features
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Customizable
  • User-friendly


  • Initial setup is complicated
  • Weak remote

The VIZIO S4251w-B4 is an advanced sound bar set that performs like a complete home theater system. It sports a slim form factor that fits even the most of spaces. The system consists of the central system, surround speakers, the soundbar, and the woofer. Each of these components can be controlled separately.

The S4251w-B4 comes with rear speakers to boost the audio clarity. Construction-wise, the sound bar feels solidly built. The industrial design adds a modern edge to any home theater system! It also comes with a remote control with LCD display for utmost convenience.

The S4251w-B4 is quite user-friendly, regardless if you’re adjusting the setting manually or via the remote. The rear speakers deliver accurate sound delivery that will breathe life to your favorite tunes. We’re happy to report that the S4251w-B4’s speakers are virtually free of active noise disturbances. You can get that the audio sounds life-like with zero distortion. Each part of the system can be controlled separately. This means you can customize the S4251w-B4 according to your entertainment needs!

Also, the S4251w-B4 offers multiple inputs. These are the coaxial, mini jack, analog, and optical connection. It also comes with a Bluetooth module so you can stream music wirelessly.

As for things that we think Vizio should improve on, the signal of the remote is on the weak side. If the soundbar is not set up properly, it’s hard to get the remote to work. Also, the initial setup is a little complex than what’s indicated level. the manual. You have to rely on your own judgment in terms of how to calibrate the system during setup. But thankfully, everything goes smoothly from there.

I must say that this Vizio product was really beyond my expectations! this surround system fills my living room with awesome sound and has brought movie watching to a whole new level. I also use it to Bluetooth my music from my phone that works flawlessly and it high-quality amazing.

Overall, the S4251w-B4 is a hard working audio system that puts any home theater system to shame. It’s priced just right and the features along with the sound quality are totally worth it.

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Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System

Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System


  • Seamless and compact design
  • Works as a one box audio solution
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Dialogue mode for TV watching


  • Lacks USB support
  • Does not deliver 3D sounds

We are convinced that the Bose Solo 5 is the best-looking soundbar we’ve ever tested. It features a seamless design that’ll be right at home at contemporary setups. This sound bar isn’t just offers to look at, the audio quality packs a wallop too!

The Solo 5 is engineered to provide remote sounds and unparalleled clarity. It features advanced technologies that enhance the audio quality without distortion. The result? High fidelity audio that will elevate your listening experience!

The Solo 5 has a dialogue mode, which reproduces dialogues along with background sound. This feature is best used for watching TV and movies, in case you need to catch up with the speaking parts.

The Solo 5 doesn’t come with any add-ons at all. The soundbar is designed as a “one box audio solution” for your TV. Because the Solo 5 consists of a single sound bar, it’s versatile and easy to use. You can install the sound bar anywhere in the room and expect amazing audio quality and clarity. We recommend mounting this beast on the wall though. The Solo 5 also comes with a single remote. From here, you can adjust the settings. You can also use the remote to activate Bluetooth connectivity or control your gaming station.

As for the audio quality, the bass is rich and punchy. It doesn’t overpower the mid ranges. The audio clarity is impeccable even on treble-heavy music.

Overall, the Solo 5 offers fantastic audio quality that’s comparable to higher end sound bars. The dialogue mode is a great extra for movie junkies. The setup is quick and easy too! We just wish the Solo 5 delivers 3D sounds to match HD TVs. The connection is also limited because it lacks USB support. The audio is clear but this soundbar is best used in small spaces.

This is a wonderful piece of equipment. It has been a great addition to my TV sound and makes everything so clear. I am very pleased with this purchase!

The Solo 5’s overall good looks and sound quality are at par with high-end sound bars. This is a flexible sound bar that has everything you need for an enjoyable listening experience.

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AccuVoice Soundbar AV200

ZVOX AccuVoice AV200


  • Compact design
  • Excellent audio clarity
  • Feature-packed


  • No Bluetooth capability
  • No HDMI output

Product description and stuff.

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Accuvoice TV Speaker AV200 is a compact TV soundbar that you can either mount on the wall or set below or above the TV. It’s shorter than the other sound bars on this list but it’s really designed that way. Because it’s shorter, the AV200 won’t block the bottom of the TV screen.

Apart from boosting the audio volume, the AV200 is designed to optimize sound clarity. In addition, you can connect the AV200 to other devices including DVD players and Blu-Ray. You can go old school with the AV200 and plug your old CD player too!

The set comes with all the components you need to amplify sound. Apart from the TV speaker, the set contains a wireless remote control, several connection cables as well as a detachable power cord.

The design of the AV200 is pretty basic. It features an aluminum cabinet with full range speakers. It also comes with the brand’s dialogue clarity mode using hearing aid technology. This feature is the secret to AV200’s amazing audio clarity. It enhances human vocals and dialog sound so you’ll be able to hear clear audio. Audio frequencies associated with the human voice are also enhanced.

Another feature worth a shout out is the Phase Cue virtual sound processing. This feature offer wider surround sound listening experiences. This makes the AV200 the perfect sound bar for movie junkies. As for the controls, you can either use the wireless remote for basic functions or the onboard remote.

One of the features that make the AV200 one of the best soundbar under $300 is the output leveling feature. This feature can detect commercials and TV programs so the audio is adjusted accordingly. Now for the downsides, the AV200 lacks Bluetooth connectivity. This means you can’t stream music or TV shows as well as connect to mobile devices. There’s no HDMI input too.

Finally! My husband and I can hear the dialog on shows with background music of varying intensity. It is so nice to know that we are catching all the words without having to turn on the closed captioning!

The AV200 comes with an assortment of advanced features for an amazing listening experience. It’s also one of the most stylish sound bars out there so the AV200 suits any type of system.

Tips and Buying Guide: How to Choose The Best Soundbar under $300 for You

Types of Soundbars

Did you know that there are two types of sound bars available on the market? Which one is the right soundbar for you? Let’s find out!

Active Sound Bars
Active soundbars are sound bars that come with all the features you need to amplify the audio. This is an all-in-one set that features sound enhancing technologies built directly into the soundbar itself. This is a great choice for those who prefer plug and play sound bars and fuss-free installation.

Passive Sound Bars
Passive sound bars are devices that come with separate amplification components from the central unit. It may come with a single speaker surround sound or a front and center set up that features 3 speakers in 1. We highly recommend passive soundbars if you really want to increase the range of the audio in a large room.

Important Features in a Sound Bar

A sound woofer enhances the audio quality of the soundbar and increases the range of the sound. Some sound bars come with a built-in subwoofer, others come with separate sound woofers you can set up in any corner of a room. The booming effects of the subwoofers enhance bass so they are perfect for music listening or movie watching.

Volume Leveling Technology
Mid-range sound bars come with advanced technologies that adjust dialogue sound and volume. This way, the volume is adjusted whenever the commercial starts. This feature is useful if the kids are asleep or you want to avoid jarring noise while watching a show. This technology works by analyzing the audio, evening out the volume so you don’t have to lower the volume yourself. Pretty neat, right?

While this feature is a standard in this price point, some soundbars lack this feature. To get more bang out of your buck, get a soundbar that comes with this useful technology!

Dolby Atmos Speakers
These are speakers that provide surround sound, taking the audio from the ceiling and wall then into the center of the room. When you sit in the middle of the room, the audio is crystal clear. Sound bars with Dolby Atmos speakers are best for music listening!

Benefits of a Sound Bar

Clear Dialogue
Don’t you hate it when you could hardly make out the spoken dialogue in your favorite show because of the crappy audio? This is a common problem with flat screen TVs and a sound bar easily solves this issue.

A sound bar adds volume and clarity to your TV audio so the sound quality is always crystal clear. This works great, especially for human voices. Some sound bars are fitted with sound amplification features to enhance the dialogue in particular.

Level Volume
A sound bar keeps the is even so you don’t hurt your ears or startle the kids because the audio suddenly shifts from low to high. Mid-range sound bars come with volume leveling technology so the commercials’ audio are lower than the TV show’s sound.

Simulated Surround Sound
For a richer, more enjoyable listening experience, a mid-range sound bar delivers accurate audio effects. This improves audio clarity while creating a three-dimensional surround effect. Some sound bars could also bounce the sound off your walls to simulate surround sound.  This is a fantastic feature for those who love watching movies or TV shows because the audio is so realistic!

Other Factors to Consider

Apart from choosing a high-quality sound bar from a reputable brand, it’s equally important to get the right connections for your system. Almost all sound bars come with optical digital connections but not all comes with HDMI inputs. If you want 3D sound to match your HD TV, choose a soundbar that comes with an HDMI input.
For your convenience, check if your TV remote can be used to control the sound bars. Most TV or satellite remotes work with a sound bar, you just need to figure out what commands to use. While most sound bars come with their own remote controls, it’s just much easier if you’re using a single remote for your soundbar and TV.