What sets noise canceling headphones apart from similar audio products? Noise canceling headphones eliminate ambient sound electronically. These headphones are fitted with a noise canceling circuitry that cancels out noise using sound waves. This way, you can focus on the music you’re listening to without cranking up the volume to drown surrounding noises.

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Noise canceling headphones are generally pricier than basic headphones. Looking for a great set of cans that offer active noise cancellation? Check out our list below.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under  $200


BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear


  • Long range Bluetooth connectivity
  • Portable design, durable construction
  • Comfortable
  • Great noise cancellation capability


  • Takes 3 hours to charge the batteries
  • Not as lightweight as other headphones

The BÖHM B76 is a stylish set of headphones that offer active noise cancellation feature. This set of cans offers wireless connectivity and 8 hours of continuous playback with ANC. The set includes a hard case, a charging cable as well as an auxiliary cable.

As far as looks go, the BÖHM B76 is one of the most stylish DJ-style headphones we’ve reviewed. The BÖHM B76 features large padded ear cups with a leather covered headband. The cushy earpads do make a difference as far as comfort goes. It’s also foldable so you can take the B76 to long trips. That said, the BÖHM B76 has a robust design so it’s not the most lightweight headphones out there.

These headphones are quite versatile, you can hook these babies up on your mobile device, gaming console, and TV. We’d recommend the BÖHM B76 for house or Hip-hop music. The audio quality and clarity are excellent regardless if the BÖHM B76 is used wirelessly or when hooked into a mobile device. The wireless connectivity is stable and trouble-free thanks to Bluetooth V4.0.

BÖHM B76 features active noise cancellation that filters out ambient sound. It won’t block noise completely but the B76 does a decent job of eliminating distracting sounds in noisy environments. This feature works even without music. That means if you’d like to get a little peace and quiet in a crowded space, just put these on and activate BÖHM B76’s ANC. It helps that the large ear pads block unwanted sounds too.

As for audio quality, the bass is enhanced so expect energetic bass delivery with this one. The audio is balanced and natural-sounding. The mids are punchy so the BÖHM B76 can handle bass-heavy music. The sound signature is warmer than say, Beats. Overall, the BÖHM B76 looks great and performs even better. Our only gripe is the long hours it takes to charge the headphones. You have to charge the BÖHM B76 for 3 hours to get a full charge.

I find them very comfortable, they fit over the ear and even with the noise cancellation turned off they do a pretty good job at quieting background noise. The active noise cancellation seems to work pretty well when turned on.

We love the B76 for its user-friendly controls and high-end design. The noise cancellation feature quiets down distracting background noise even when music is not turned on.

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Samsung Level On

Samsung Level On Wireless Noise


  • Portable design
  • Good active noise cancellation capability
  • Seamless integration with Samsung products
  • Excellent battery life


  • Short-range Bluetooth
  • Flimsy plastic construction

The Samsung Level On is a compact set of wireless headphones that offer active noise cancellation. The headphones feature the brand’s proprietary audio format. That means the Level On integrates seamlessly with Samsung devices. However, this device plays well with Apple products too. The set comes with a carrying pouch, a standard USB cable as well as a 3.5 mm audio cable.

The Level On comes with touch controls located on the right side ear cup. From the controls, you can pause or play your tracks. You can also swipe up and down to lower the volume. Samsung promises that the Level On offers “superior audio performance” when streaming wirelessly.

Pairing the Level On with a mobile device using NFC is fairly easy. Just turn on the Bluetooth button until pairing kicks in.

As for the sound quality, the Level On delivers clean lows with virtually zero distortion. The bass is just right, never over the top. This isn’t the kind of headphones that work well with heavy-bass music though. The mids are great, not hollow sounding at all while the highs are detailed.

As for noise cancellation, Level On did a great job of eliminating unwanted noise. This headphone set works perfectly if you’re in a crowded place. That said, the active noise canceling feature worked lightly. It’s not meant to provide complete noise cancellation. When activating the NC button, you might hear an almost inaudible hiss to any track.

Now for the things we’re not too crazy about, the Level On feels fragile when in use. The plastic material looks flimsy. Also, the range of the Bluetooth is short so expect problems when using the touch controls.

My new go to headphones now. I have used plenty of other brands before. The Samsung Level One’s have far exceeded my expectations. They are easy to setup and use. The noise cancellation feature is amazing. Battery life is great.

Samsung Level On brings comfort and style in one sexy set of headphones. The sound quality is fantastic across the board. The noise cancellation feature is also impressive.

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Plantronics BackBeat PRO

Plantronics BackBeat PRO Wireless Noise


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • Great active noise canceling


  • Audio signature is bass-heavy
  • Not designed for extended use

The BackBeat PRO is a set of wireless headphones that promises complete noise cancellation and amazing sound quality. This headphone set features a classic DJ-style design with padded ear cups. The ear cups are held together by a robust headband wrapped in supple leather-like material.

The BackBeat PRO works via Bluetooth, offering wireless operation and seamless integration. That said, the device can be hooked directly to an analog audio source in case you’d like to listen to your favorite tunes the old fashioned way. The headphones also come with NFC for easy syncing. The set comes with a micro USB charger, a carrying pouch, and inline cable.

The BackBeat PRO’s design is meant to boost portability. The ear pads are small so this headphone set won’t take much room in your bag. Plus, the BackBeat PRO folds flat for easy transportation.

If you’re the kind who demand headphones that block out ambient noise completely, you’ll love the BackBeat PRO. For one thing, the padded ear cups do a great job of blocking outside noise. BackBeat PRO’s active noise cancellation feature complements its noise isolation capability well. Its closed back design helps reduce ambient sound as well as audio leaks.

Its noise cancellation feature eliminates low-frequency sound. That includes general traffic noises, crowd chatter, and so on. You can really notice the drop in noise across the range once the noise cancellation feature is turned on. The audio remains natural sounding too. The bass is booming and rich with lots of detail. The midrange is warm and well balanced. This is a great set of cans for energetic songs and vocal driven music. The overall sound delivery is smooth and enjoyable.

If you’re not into bass-heavy tunes, the BackBeat PRO may not work for you. This model will definitely appeal to bass heads. We did notice that the BackBeat PRO strains the ears a bit. The head band’s a little tight so if you have sensitive ears, watch out.

Bass is deep and present, but remains sharp and crisp. It’s not the horrible sloppy bass that you get from cheaper headphones or from the obnoxious boomy cars. Highs are crisp as well. Noise cancellation works well, without the really heavy sonic pressure I feel with some active noise canceling headphones.

The BackBeat PRO is able to block out ambient noise passively and actively, that’s hard to beat. This is a great choice for bass-heavy tunes thanks to its dynamic bass and smooth sound delivery.

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Tips and Buying Guide: The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $200

What to Expect from Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $200

Noise canceling headphones come in different sizes and shapes. To narrow down your search, here are some of the features you can expect at this price point:

Active Noise Cancellation
Noise canceling headphones do not depend on large ear cups or paddings of any kind to block unwanted noise. These products eliminates ambient sound actively using a sound-blocking component. That said, the padded ear cups and closed back design does enhance these headphones’ ANC (active noise canceling) feature.

The best headphones at this price point eliminate ambient sound without affecting the audio quality. These headphones should feature a wide frequency range to enhance bass and treble. Some headphones generate almost inaudible hissing sound when the ANC feature is activated. This is quite normal although the ANC should not distort the audio in any way.

Long Battery Life
Noise canceling headphones should come with longer-lasting batteries. Why? The ANC feature drains a lot of juice. We don’t have anything against headphones powered by AAA batteries but it’s best to choose rechargeable headphones. Replacing and carrying extra batteries are cumbersome especially while traveling. The headphones we’ve reviewed offer long battery life.

Most headphones at this price range are portable and foldable. The design is quite compact and the construction feels substantial. They should withstand daily wear and tear. It helps if the headphones come with their own carrying case. The products we’ve reviewed come with their own carrying cases for easy traveling!

The lighter the headphones are, the more comfortable they are when worn. In terms of weight, it will vary from product to product. Generally, lightweight noise reduction headphones range from 6 to 8 ounces. Heavier headphones range from 10 to 13 ounces.

Why Choose Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation?
Noise canceling headphones block out all types of outside noise so the users’ focus does not stray away from the audio. Curious about the benefits you get from these products? Let’s take a look at some of the great features you’ll enjoy from headphones with active noise cancellation:

Lower Volume
Noise canceling headphones are kinder to the ears than ordinary headphones. Why? Thanks to its noise-cancelling circuitry, these headphones block the background noise for you so you don’t have to crank the volume all the way up. Increasing the volume to drown out distracting noise could damage the ears. Also, higher volume reduce the audio quality of the music. With noise canceling headphones, you can enjoy your tracks without affecting the ears. The feature also preserves the quality of the audio, maintaining its richness and complexity.

Perfect for Studying
Music promotes better learning and noise-cancelling headphones could help you ace that test! No, the headphones won’t provide all the right answers (that’s what studying is for) but it does improve concentration. You can use noise-cancelling headphones to listen to your favorite tracks while studying. This allows you to concentrate without any distracting stimuli because the music volume isn’t too loud. You can also activate the ANC without music to quiet background noise.

Comfort While Traveling
Traveling is tiring regardless if you’re on the commute or if you’re catching a red-eye flight. With a pair of noise canceling headphones, you can stay comfortable as you travel. You can read magazines, enjoy a nice movie or listen to your tracks in a noisy environment. You can also keep the headphones on and catch much needed zzz’s while you’re traveling.