It’s late at night and you want to watch a movie, but the rest of the family is asleep. You don’t want to disturb the peace and quiet, but you also want to enjoy the movie you’re about to watch. Maybe it’s the latest installment of the Star Wars saga and its brilliant soundtrack, or the newest Mission Impossible with its unbelievable action scenes with Tom Cruise. Hell, maybe you just want to finally watch Frozen without anyone else knowing (which is perfectly fine, by the way). What all of these have in common is the need for headphones. Headphones will allow you to indulge in movie watching on full blast at any time of the day without disturbing anyone.

In this article we guide you through the whole process of buying the best headphones for watching movies. There are quite a few quality options available on the market, but you need a little research to choose ones that best fit your needs.

Watching Movies

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How to Choose Headphones for Watching Movies?

First of all, you should know if you’re going to watch movies on TV, laptop, or both.

If you’re looking for TV-only headphones, go for RF headphones. They are wireless, offer great sound quality, are easy to install and rarely cause any technical issues.

If you’d like to use the headphones you’re going to buy for other purposes than watching TV, consider buying Bluetooth headphones. Speaking of Bluetooth headphones, if you already own a fairly new pair, chances are you will be able to connect these to your TV. Read more about this in this section.

If Netflix is your friend and in most cases you watch films on your laptop, wired headphones are the way to go. They offer the best sound quality for the price because all of the money put into manufacturing these goes into sound quality electronics and none towards wireless tech.

Finally, if you’re on a budget or one of the few people out there who prefer earbuds over headphones, there are some good options for you too.

If you’d like to read more about connecting headphones to a TV set, check out this section.

Most people have a set budget in mind when going for a purchase like this, so we grouped the products by price for your convenience. Later in the article you can also find a comparison table, so you can easily find one if you’ve decided on a certain type of headphones.

Best Headphones for Watching Movies under $50

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headset

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headset


  • Good sound quality
  • Playback time


    If you’re looking for inexpensive Bluetooth headphones with aptX low latency codec on board, these on-ear headhones are definitely worth checking out. These offer up to 25 hours of playtime, which is really good for such an inexpensive set. Once the battery dies, charging them takes around 2 hours. If you would want to continue watching instead of charging, you can always wire them in using the provided cable.

    These are comfortable to wear, even for extended period. The ear pads swivel 90 degrees, so you can even lay the headband around your neck, tilt the ear pads and still listen to music or watch video. While it’s not the optimal position for most, some people really appreciate the possibility. Speaking of the ear pads, it features all the controls you need. You can adjust the volume, change tracks, play and pause the music and even take calls if these are paired with your smartphone.

    TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones also provide really good sound quality for such an inexpensive set. In short, if you’re looking for budget Bluetooth headphones for watching movies, these are one of the top choices out there.

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    August EP650 Bluetooth Headphones

    August EP650 Bluetooth Headphones


    • Available in a number of colors
    • Good sound quality
    • Comfortable


    • Some sound leakage on high volume

    August EP650 is another option if you’re looking for wireless headphones for watching films on budget. These cans, obviously, support aptX low latency codec so the sound latency isn’t an issue when watching TV or playing games. If you’re bored with plain-black headphones, good news for you – these are available in a number of colors, so you’ll surely find one that fits your taste. The sound quality these offer is good, although a few people mentioned it’s a bit heavy on the bass. When it comes to comfort, August EP650 can be worn for a long stretch of time without any fatigue.

    Probably the only downside of these is that they leak sound on high volume. That means if you prefer to watch movies on full blast, these aren’t the best choice.

    Like many other Bluetooth headphones these feature a bunch of buttons on the ear buds that allow you to adjust volume, change tracks and control if the music is playing or not. Answering calls with these is also an option if you’ve paired them with your smartphone. The built-in battery lasts around 10 hours and is charged the usual way.

    All in all, August EP650 is a really popular pair of Bluetooth headphones that also happens to work really well for watching movies on TV or laptop. Just make sure you have a Bluetooth transmitter for your TV if it doesn’t have one.

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    Best Headphones for Watching Movies under $100

    Avantree Wireless Headphones for TV with Bluetooth Transmitter

    Avantree Wireless Headphones for TV with Bluetooth Transmitter


    • Great sound quality
    • Headphones come with a transmitter
    • Comfortable


      In the section about connecting Bluetooth headphones to TV I explain that you need a transmitter and headphones that both support the aptX codec, so there’s no noticeable delay. Well, Avantree did the job for you and has prepared a set that consists of a Bluetooth transmitter and headphones. This set has everything you need to get started watching films on your TV or laptop using the included headphones.

      The Bluetooth transmitter supports RCA and AUX (3.5mm) ports, so connecting it to pretty much any modern TV, computer, or laptop shouldn’t be an issue. It’s powered via USB port that should also be available in the back of your TV set and definitely is in your computer or laptop. Since the transmitter is powered by cable, there’s no need for charging.

      The Bluetooth headphones support the low latency codec and are perfect for watching TV (no lip sync whatsoever). For your convenience they are already paired with the transmitter, so the setup takes just a few minutes and you’re ready to go. Of course the headphones can be used separately (without the transmitter) with other devices like smartphones or tablets. If you’d like to spare some battery time, you can use them as wired headphones (cord included). These are charged the usual way using the included microUSB charging cable. These headphones offer really good sound quality and comfort, even when wearing for hours watching The Godfather.

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      Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

      Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor


      • Powerful, dynamic audio
      • Excellent bass delivery
      • Massive soundstage
      • Foldable and comfortable


      • Prone to audio leaks
      • Colored audio

      The Audio-Technica M50x is a set of pro monitoring headphones that work perfectly for movie watching. Out of the box, the M50x comes with two 3.5 mm audio cables as well as a carrying pouch. This moderately-priced set of cans is best known for its balanced tonality and clean sound delivery.

      The design is pretty basic, it’s a DJ-style set of headphones with padded ear cups and adjustable headband. The ear cups are large, able to cover the ears completely for passive noise isolation. The build feels sturdy and the plastic components never look nor feel flimsy at all. The fit of the ear cups is a little snug, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how long you’re wearing these. Wearing the M50x, it’s quite comfortable for about an hour or so. But it does get a little uncomfortable beyond the 60-minute mark.

      The M50x is portable, the ear cups fold for convenient storage. As for the audio delivery, it’s smooth as butter. The soundstage is robust and massive. The audio plays with boundless energy. That said, the sound signature is a little colored, something that most audiophiles have an issue with. The vocals are crystal clear and detailed. The treble is just as dynamic as the bass. The audio quality is airy, which is surprising considering its closed back design.

      I was sick of using the earbuds that came with my smartphone when I’m at home on my PC listening to music, watching movies or playing games. I’m blown away about every aspect of these headphones; the price, the audio quality, the lightweight comfort, the removable cables (one straight, one coiled), the adapter, the outside noise cancellation. I’m loving these headphones, and I’d recommend them to anyone for music/movies/gaming.

      No doubt about it, the Audio-Technica M50x is one of the best headphones for movie junkies. It delivers clear, crisp audio. Its portable design, long cables, and comfy built are meant for enjoyable movie watching!
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      Sennheiser RS120 Wireless Headphones

      Sennheiser RS120 Wireless Headphones


      • Clear, well-balanced audio
      • Sleek, compact design
      • Great bass performance
      • Affordable


      • Prone to interference
      • Controls set up could be better

      The Sennheiser RS120 is a set of DJ-style headphones with a charging/transmitter stand. It’s a robust looking set of headphones made from rigid plastic in a smooth, matte black finish. The RS120 is designed specifically for movie watching so the sleek design is lightweight yet robust and quite comfy.

      The RS120 is a simple plug and play headphone set. It comes with an AC adapter out of the box so you can hook it up to your TV, laptop, or smartphone. The RS120 comes with its own volume control for added flexibility.

      One of RS120’s most clever features is its ability to send different signals to the wireless headphones, which works great if you have a second zone preamp output.

      As for the sound quality, the RS120 really brings clarity and power to the audio. So much so that the sound quality betrays its otherwise affordable price tag. The RS120 sounds better than its pricier contemporaries do! The audio is transparent and balanced. The bass performance is punchy.

      Since it’s wireless, the RS120 offers freedom of movement, allowing you to listen to your favorite flicks anywhere in the house. Our only gripe is the persistent hissing sound it generates just as you connect the headphones to the audio source. Also, the volume and tuning controls are set too close together that you might be adjusting the wrong setting.

      Highly recommended – Great product – works as advertised! These are really great headsets – I use them for gaming and television and have two sets, excellent for keeping noise down from the gaming and great for giving me better sound when watching movies/television. They charge up quickly, batteries last a long time and they have great sound.

      The Sennheiser RS120 brings impressive audio and freedom of movement, essential features that are critical for excellent movie watching experience. The affordable price tag and the lightweight design make the Sennheiser RS120 one of the best headphones for watching movies on the market.

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      RIF6 Wireless TV Headphones 2.0

      RIF6 Wireless TV Headphones 2.0


      • Sleek, compact design
      • Lightweight construction
      • A bevy of smart features
      • Comfortable movie watching


      • Spotty reception
      • Slight interference issue

      The RIF6 wireless headphones 2.0 us a compact DJ-type headphones designed for TV and movie watching. As far as the design goes, the RIF6 2.0 is pretty standard looking. Its all black construction looks sleek and luxe, belying its affordable price tag.

      The transmitter/headphone tower is just as sleek and portable. It’s great that the RIF6 2.0 is so lightweight. The padded ear cups ease the pressure, providing a comfortable and enjoyable movie watching. The batteries, which come with the set, are rechargeable. The longevity of the batteries are good but a complete charging time takes 20 hours to complete.

      This headphone set features an RF transmitter to deliver dynamic, crystal-clear sound. The system provides excellent audio without any interference. We like how the wireless connectivity packs a punch. The range covers up to 100 feet so you don’t have to sit near the transmitter to watch your favorite flicks.

      The RIF6 2.0 comes with a bevy of smart features so it’s the perfect system for the tech-savvy. These features include the volume memory preset, speed charge and low power indicator alert, support for smart devices, and on/off LED indicator.

      The RIF6 wireless headphones 2.0 is a great system for watching movies but it tends to slow wireless connection a little bit. Some users say the RIF6 2.0 tends to slow down wireless connection as it transmits audio. This won’t be a problem if you are using high-speed internet to stream movies. Some customers also noted that the RIF6 2.0’s range is tricky although we did not experience any problem with our test unit.

      Great for someone who refuses to get hearing aids and turns TV way up! They can put on the headset and adjust volume on headset while TV at normal volume level. Product worked better than I expected and was pretty easy to set up.

      The RIF6 2.0 is an affordable headphone set that’s designed specifically for movie watching and streaming. It’s an affordable system that offers terrific sound quality at such an affordable price point.

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      Best Headphones for Watching Movies under $200

      Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless Headphone

      Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless Headphone


      • Excellent sound quality
      • Great noise isolation & noise blocking features
      • Long battery life
      • Resistant to interference and static


      • Not Bluetooth compatible
      • Bulky design

      The Sony MDRRF985RK is a set of headphones that promise clear, powerful audio that’s perfect for movie watching. As far as the aesthetics go, the MDRRF985RK is pretty standard-looking. It features a simple, sleek design with a thick headband and cushioned ear cups. The cushioned ear cups do a great job of isolating the audio and minimizing outside noise.

      Though wireless, the MDRRF985RK is best used indoors. For one thing, the MDRRF985RK is not portable. It’s rather thick and bulky so it will be inconvenient to tow this around. The comes with two types of cables, RCA and 3.5 mm. You can hook the MDRRF985RK in a variety of devices including hi-fi systems and TVs. The charging tower is a great feature. It offers wireless charging and compact storage space for the headphones.

      The MDRRF985RK’s audio quality is always clear and crisp. The sound reproduction is well-balanced and accurate although it can be flat-sounding at times. The mids are clean and detailed. If you hate wireless headphones that are prone to interference, the MDRRF985RK is for you. It comes with Sony’s much-acclaimed noise reduction system so hisses or unwanted noises are minimized. We just wish the product is Bluetooth compatible for added flexibility. The built-in batteries cannot be replaced without dismantling the whole thing, something to think about before choosing the MDRRF985RK

      Enjoyed my favorite TV/Movies without the distracting noise. Product meets my expectations! Only advice is avoid my issue – research your audio and TV to be certain you are aware of the proper hook ups. Now I can listen to favorite shows and block out distracting noise.

      The MDRRF985RK’s design may be basic but the great mix of intuitive features and versatile controls are worth the price tag. It’s not the cheapest headphones around but the built and quality of the MDRRF985RK are quite impressive.

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      Noontec Hammo TV Wireless Headphones for TV

      Noontec Hammo TV Wireless Headphones for TV


      • Long battery life (up to 50 hours)
      • Comfortable
      • Comes with a transmitter


      • Charged through auxiliary port

      Noontec Hammo TV Wireless Headphones is a great option if you’re looking for Bluetooth headphones with a long battery life. These come with a docking base that works as a Bluetooth transmitter. You can connect the base to analog audio ports such as RCA or 3.5mm ports in your TV, computer or basically anything else that has one of those ports. For digital audio you need a separate device to make that connection happen.

      The Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones are quite big, but comfortable to wear for many ours without ear fatigue. If you already have a Bluetooth transmitter for your TV or use a Bluetooth-enabled device (e.g. a laptop), there’s no need to connect the docking base to that device. That means the headphones can be used just like any other set of Bluetooth headphones.

      One of the best features of these is the playback time. A single full charge can last for up to 50 hours. That means that if you use these for a few hours every day, you can get away with charging them once per week. If you were to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy, you would have to charge these every two seasons or so. If, for whatever reason, you would like to spare the battery, you can always wire them in using the included cable. You might need an extension if you’re watching TV, though.

      What’s unusual about these is the charging process. Unlike most wireless headphones, these are charged through the auxiliary port. When you first see the USB to jack cable you might be confused and wonder what’s that about. That’s for charging.

      All in all. the Noontec Hammo TV Wireless Headphones set is perfect for watching movies on TV because it comes with both headphones and a transmitter. You just hook them up and you’re all set.

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      Best Headphones for Watching Movies over $200

      Sennheiser RS 175 Wireless Headphone

      Sennheiser RS 175 RF Wireless


      • Connects to TV and computers with ease
      • Durable built, comfortable design


      • Slight distortion at high volumes
      • Pricey

      If you can’t get enough of that bass, you’ll love the Sennheiser RS 175. This is a set of RF headphones that deliver thunderous bass and realistic audio. If you’re a movie addict, the RS 175 will definitely make a fantastic addition to your entertainment system. The RS 175’s design is robust, sturdy, yet compact.

      The set comes with a dedicated charging stand that’s also the transmitter. If your video system has optical digital (toslink) or analog audio output (RCA or 3.5mm headphone jack), this system can be connected to it. Just plug it into your TV or computer and you’re ready to start binge-watching your favorite flicks. A single full charge provides up to 18 hours of operating time, so you’re all set even if you want to watch The Dark Knight trilogy in one sitting.

      When not in use, you can simply hang the headphones on the charging base so it’s out of the way. The base station is compact and light, just like the RS 175. The ear cups of the RS 175 are larger than your average on-ear headphones. The padded headband is made from thick rigid plastic and it offers a snug fit. If you have a large head, it will take a while before breaking in the headband. That said, the cushioning helps in terms of reducing pressure points.

      RS 175 audio delivery is perfect for movie watching because the soundstage is open and airy. The realistic sounds and clear vocals allow you to keep up with action-packed flicks. The bass is punchy and full of depth. The audio sounds balanced and fluid. Audio leaks aren’t a problem with the RS 175 thanks to the huge ear cups. That means you can enjoy your favorite movies without disturbing the peace and quiet at night.

      The RS 175 is a fantastic set of headphones to get if you’re a huge movie junkie. It plays well with many devices, including traditional TVs and computers. Our only gripe is that the deep bass sounds a little distorted at high volumes.

      My husband is hard of hearing even with his hearing aids. TV was a nightmare as he couldn’t understand people and even the captioning wasn’t always helpful as they skip words, misspell them or put up gibberish when it was too fast. I gave him the headphones for Christmas and it’s been a miracle for us. He can now hear and understand movies and tv!

      The Sennheiser RS 175 leads the pack in terms of audio quality, bass delivery, and sound clarity. It’s the perfect set of headphones for watching films on TV or computer.

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      Watching TV setup

      Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

      Best Earbuds for Watching Movies

      Most people prefer headphones instead of earphones for watching movies, mainly because they are more comfortable and the sound quality is better. Earbuds, however, are a great choice if you are travelling with them or searching for a budget option. Plus there are people who prefer earbuds over headphones and that’s fine too. For those folks we have chosen a few sets of Bluetooth earphones that will be perfect for watching movies on your TV (make sure it’s Bluetooth-ready) or laptop. All of these are aptX-ready, so you won’t experience any lip-sync issues (provided the transmitter supports this codec too). All of these are also fairly inexpensive, so buying one of these won’t break your budget.

      If you prefer wired earphones, just grab these ~$15 puppies and a cord extension if needed and you’re all set.

      VAVA MOOV 25 Bluetooth Headphones

      VAVA MOOV 25 Bluetooth Headphones


      • Good overall sound quality
      • Comfortabe
      • Stay in ear well


      • Bass is a bit flat for some

      VAVA MOOV 25 is one of the best choices out there when it comes to Bluetooth earbuds with aptX support for under $50. These earphones can work for up to 9 hours and a single full charge takes about 2 hours. The package includes 3 earbud tips and 3 hooks, so finding a comfortable setup shouldn’t be an issue. There’s a carrying pouch as well, so you won’t lose any of the pieces.

      If you’re into sports, you will be glad to know that these, besides watching films and TV, are good workout headphones. The design is waterproof and the ear pieces have built-in magnets that make them stick together around neck if you’re not using them at the moment.

      Overall, these are great inexpensive Bluetooth earphones that offer good overall audio quality, even though the bass might be a bit flat for some.

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      SoundPEATS Q36 Bluetooth Magnetic Sport Earphones

      SoundPEATS Q36 Bluetooth Magnetic Sport Earphones


      • Comfortable
      • Good sound quality
      • Great customer support


      • Quality issues

      SoundPEATS is great little set of Bluetooth earphones that you can get for about $30. Obviously, it supports the aptX codec, so watching movies with these on won’t be an issue. The battery lasts for up to 8 hours and charging time is about 2 hours using the microUSB cable that’s included. These feature in-line volume control, which is handy if the TV remote is far away and you don’t feel like going for it (I don’t judge, we’ve all been there). There’s also a built-in microphone so you can take calls with these and your mobile phone.

      If you’re one of the athletes out there, or at least work out from time to time, these will do just fine for your training sessions as well. Built-in magnets in ear pieces allow you to make a necklace around your neck out of these when they’re not in use, so you won’t lose them.

      The sound quality these offer is really good (for $30 headphones) and the included ear tips and fins should allow you to easily find a comfortable fit. The only issue customers mention online is that these have a bit of a quality issue. From time to time there will be a defective set of these earbuds. Fortunately, the customer support is super helpful and exchanging a defective set to a new one isn’t an issue at all.

      All in all, SoundPEATS are definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for Bluetooth earphones for watching movies.

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      TaoTronics Bluetooth Earbuds with Adjustable Earhooks

      TaoTronics Bluetooth Earbuds with Adjustable Earhooks


      • Comfortable
      • Clear sound
      • Secure fit


        TaoTronics Bluetooth Earbuds is another set worth taking a closer look at when searching for Bluetooth earbuds for watching films. The support for aptX is there, obviously, so no Bluetooth delay if the transmitter supports aptX too. These last for up to 8 hours on a single charge. Charing takes up to 2 hours and is done the usual way using the included microUSB cable. Since these are waterproof and sweat-proof, you can take them for your workouts too.

        These are comfortable (different size ear tips included) and fit securely on your ears. Instead of the usual ear fins that help hold the earbuds, these have a top hook that goes over the outside of the ear. For the first few times you use these that hook might feel a little awkward, but you will get used to it quickly. After a few hours of listening with these it will be hardly noticeable and you will be glad it’s there if you decide to train with these on.

        All in all, when looking for wireless earbuds for movies, these TaoTronics earbuds are a choice worth taking a closer look at.

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        Best Headphones for Watching Movies on a Laptop

        If you watch movies mainly (or only) on you laptop, choosing the best headphones for that is fairly easy. First of all, we ignore all RF headphones because you probably aren’t interested in connecting the RF transmitter every time you want to watch something. That leaves us with wired headphones and Bluetooth ones.

        If you sit relatively closely to your laptop while watching films and don’t tend to move around, wired headphones are perfect. The audio quality will be the best possible and there won’t be any connection issues. If that’s the case, grab Audio Technica’s ATH-M40X. They are comfortable, offer great audio quality and last for a long time.

        If you move around or keep you laptop away for you on a counter or table while watching, choosing Bluetooth headphones makes more sense. If that’s the case, check out our lists and choose one that fits your budget.

        Best Headphones for Watching TV Comparison Table

        NameConnection typeType
        TaoTronics Bluetooth HeadsetBluetoothHeadphones
        August EP650 Bluetooth HeadphonesBluetoothHeadphones
        Avantree Wireless Headphones for TVBluetoothHeadphones
        Audio-Technica ATH-M40xWiredHeadphones
        Sennheiser RS120RFHeadphones
        RIF6 Wireless TV Headphones 2.0RFHeadphones
        Sony MDRRF985RKRFHeadphones
        Noontec Hammo TV Wireless Headphones for TVBluetoothHeadphones
        Sennheiser RS 175RFHeadphones
        VAVA MOOV 25 Bluetooth HeadphonesBluetoothEarbuds
        SoundPEATS Q36BluetoothEarbuds
        TaoTronics Bluetooth EarbudsBluetoothEarbuds

        Factors to Consider When Looking for The Best Headphones for Movies

        Not all headphones for watching movies are created equally so choose your set wisely. Here are just a few of the major points to keep in mind during your search.

        Audio Quality
        Nothing ruins movie night quite like crappy audio. When on the hunt for the best headphones for movie watching, consider warmer sound signatures with a neutral audio response. The bass delivery should add depth to the sound, not overwhelm it. The dialogs should be clear and accurate so you don’t have to struggle understanding the speaking parts nor crank the volume all the way up.

        Comfort level is right after sound quality when it comes to things to consider when buying headphones for watching movies. If the headphones aren’t comfortable, you will adjust them every few minutes or even decide to stop watching the movie if they are so bad. Generally speaking, most people find over-the-ear and on-ear headphones most comfortable, but if you prefer earbuds, go for them. For headphones, pay close attention to the size and design of the ear cups and headband. The headband must provide a comfortable fit. It shouldn’t dig into the skin at all.

        Right Connection for You Needs
        As already mentioned in the beginning of the article, choose the right connection type for your needs.

        Headphones on speaker

        Photo by Alphacolor 13 on Unsplash

        How to Connect Headphones to TV?

        When it comes to connecting headphones to your TV, there are a few options. Each one has its pros and cons, so I cannot recommend one. Consider the pros and cons of each option and choose one that best fits your needs.

        Corded (or Wired)

        Connecting headphones via the cable that comes with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack is the easiest. Your probably own a set of corded headphones and most TVs have the corresponding audio port. If say, your TV doesn’t come with a 3.5mm audio jack, you can always get a 3.5mm-to-RCA converter cable. This adapter will take care of that issue. When going this route, remember to buy headphones with a long cord or buy a cord extension if you already own a decent set of cans. If you don’t mind the cord and don’t move around much when watching films, wiring your headphones to the TV set is the best option. There are no lip sync issues, connectivity issues, or interference of any sort. The sound quality is top notch, too.

        Radio Frequency (RF) Headphones

        These TV headphones are paired with a transmitter base. The transmitter connects to the TV via the standard 3.5mm port or the RCA port. The transmitter then connects to the headphones using RF waves for wireless operation. The audio quality isn’t as good as corded headphones, but the difference is very slight and not really an issue for most movie watchers. For RF headphones to work, the transmitter base has to be connected to an audio source and switched on. They won’t work without the transmitter, which means you probably will use these headphones only for watching TV. Unless you want to carry the transmitter around, which is doubtful. In short, if you need wireless headphones for TV only, RF headphones are the best choice for you.

        Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

        Bluetooth is another option when it comes to wireless connection with the TV. If you already own a good pair of Bluetooth headphones, using them for watching movies on your TV set seems natural. Unfortunately, most TV sets don’t feature Bluetooth transmitters that you could connect your headphones to. Fortunately, there’s an easy (and relatively inexpensive) way to fix that. You just need to buy a Bluetooth transmitter for your TV (more in this section), connect it and your TV now can transmit sound via Bluetooth. But that’s not the full story.

        The other issue is that older verions of Bluetooth have a bit of a transmission lag. This lag isn’t a problem when you’re listening to music, but it pretty much ruins watching films. The easiest way to spot it is to look at character’s lips when he or she is talking. The lips don’t exactly sync with the audio, hence the “lip sync” issue. Newer version of Bluetooth feature the aptX low latency codec that fixes the issue, but it has to be available on both the transmitter and receiver for it to work. So unless your headphones have it (many newer ones do), they probably won’t be a good choice for watching movies.

        All in all, if you own a fairly new set of Bluetooth headphones that feature the aptX low latency technology, just buy a Bluetooth transmitter for your TV and you’re all set. If not, either buy one of the recommended Bluetooth headphones or choose another way of connecting headphones to TV.

        Setup for watching movies

        Photo by Nikolay Tarashchenko on Unsplash

        How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to TV?

        To connect your Bluetooth headphones to TV you need a Bluetooth transmitter. It’s a device that connects to the TV, receives the audio and transmits it to a connected Bluetooth device (or devices). There are a few such devices on the market, but not every one will work well for watching TV. As you already know, when using older Bluetooth devices, there’s a short delay before the signal reaches the receiver (e.g. your headphones). Watching movies with such a delay ruins the experience. Character’s lips don’t sync with the speech and explosion sounds don’t exactly match the audio. With time it gets more and more annoying. That’s why the aptX codec is so important. Because of that, when buying a Bluetooth transmitter for watching films, make sure it has the aptX low latency codec on board.

        The second thing you need to know is that most Bluetooth transmitters allow for only one receiver. That means you can watch that late night game without making any noises, but if you would like to watch a movie with your spouse when the kids are asleep, that’s not an option. Fortunately, there are transmitters that support two receivers. If watching films with your spouse or friend is an option, make sure the Bluetooth transmitter supports two receivers.

        To make things even easier for you, we recommend a transmitter that’s perfect for watching TV: Avantree Bluetooth TC026, It’s a 2 in 1 device that can work as either a transmitter or a receiver, depending on your needs at a time. It supports two sets of headphonesand the aptX low latency codec is on board. The built-in battery lasts up to 10 hours and you charge it the usual way using microUSB port. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth transmitter designed to connect your headphones to your TV for a great viewing experience, this one is the number one choice.