Looking for the best earbuds under $100? You came to the right place! Earbud-style headphones that cost 100 bucks and below deliver amazing audio quality on top of advanced features. These features include in-line controls, noise isolation, enhanced audio quality and so much more. These mid-range earphones are perfect for travel too! They are lightweight, portable and durable. They won’t break as easily as cheaper earphones, that’s for sure!

At this price point, earbuds that are under $100 come with a variety of accessories too. These accessories include multiple ear tips and carrying cases. Are you ready to start searching for the best earbuds at $100 or less? Check out our product reviews below.

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Best Earbuds under $100

ThinkSound ms01 in-ear monitor

thinksound ms01


  • Balanced frequency response
  • Great design
  • Tangle-free cable wire


  • No in-line controls
  • No talkback mic

The ThinkSound ms01 is a pair of in-ear earphones made from real wood and lightweight aluminum. Just by looking and holding the ms01, you know these are some of the best-looking earphones in the business! And we’re happy to report that the ms01 works just as beautifully as it looks!

The earpieces are covered by a soft silicone material. The covering reduces strain of the ears while blocking ambient sound effectively. The whole set contains four different sized ear tips. These ear tips are indeed, soft and comfortable, perfect for long hours of music listening.

ThinkSound ms01 shines in noise isolation. The soft silicone covers create a tight seal that blocks outside noise. That said, these earbuds do suffer from mild audio leakage because of the vented dynamic driver. The sound leaks only when the volume is set too high.

The ms01 comes with a 3.5 mm connector, which is slightly angled at 45˚ to ease the strain. It doesn’t come with in-line controls or talk back mic. Inside the ms01 is an 8mm driver that delivers warm, balanced audio.

The tones of the audio are natural and detailed. The lows are tight and controlled, not overpowering at all. The mids are smooth as butter, especially with acoustic music. The highs are clear, crisp, and powerful. These earbuds aren’t the best when listening to rock or electronic music. But they sound amazing with acoustic and classical music.

The ms01 does suffer from cord noise from time to time but this is a common issue among corded earphones. You can reduce the noise by using the ear hooks provided in the set. The ear hooks reduce the strain and movement of the cables, keeping microphonics at a bare minimum.

By far the best in-ear headphones I have experienced. Cancels noise beautifully on planes, trains, buses, and sound quality is top-notch.

Overall, the ms01 offer deep nuanced audio and rich vocals. These eco-friendly earbuds offer an attractive design and fantastic audio performance. What’s not to love?

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Shure SE215-K

Shure SE215-K


  • Balanced sound signature
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Excellent noise isolation


  • Not suitable for bass heads
  • 3.5 mm L-connector not compatible with some devices

Shure is a favorite audio products brand and its SE215 earbuds are precisely the reason why the brand is so popular among audiophiles. The SE215 offers balanced audio, eye-catching style and durability that impresses. These earbuds are designed as professional grade in-ear monitors.

The SE215 was designed with musicians and audiophiles in mind so audio quality is really up there. It features a curved design that holds the earpiece in place. Thanks to its unique design, you can use the SE215 while working out or playing music on stage!

A reinforced memory wire segment keeps the earbuds perfectly aligned in the ear even in the middle of a rigorous activity. The SE215 looks bulkier than some earbuds but the fit is great. The soft ear tips ease stress, allowing for hours of comfortable music listening. The ear tips comes in standard small, medium, and large sizes too.

As for noise isolation, the excellent fit helps block 37dB of ambient noise. The SE215 comes with a 3.5 mm L-connector, which looks and feels durable. There are no inline controls or a talkback mic on basic models, which could be a deal-breaker for some, but not for those who demand amazing audio quality.

The SE215 delivers powerful yet balanced audio with an overall sound profile that’s rich and full. The single driver generates punchy, crisp audio, something that music lovers will love. The frequencies are detailed, never too piercing. The mids are clear and precise, never muddy. The lows are lifelike, warm, and even. The bass is great but this isn’t a suitable set for bass heads. The soundstage isn’t as deep as other earbuds but the SE215 is surprisingly adaptable to most music.

Overall the SE215 is a fantastic choice for users who prefer well-balanced audio. The design could be cumbersome at first, but once you get the right fit, you’re rewarded with excellent sound. The 3.5 mm connector is limiting but only if you don’t use a standard MP3 player or mobile device.

These earbuds are a major step above any other earbuds I’ve purchased, in terms of sound quality, the level of protection to the inner ear that they provide, and their physical resiliency. These are more expensive than most on the market, but you end up saving money because they are nowhere near as fragile as the other kind.

The SE215 is a versatile performer that offers balanced frequency spectrum for playback. It’s no wonder the SE215 is a favorite among audiophiles and musicians alike!

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1MORE Triple Driver Headphones

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones


  • Rich, balanced audio performance
  • Stylish design
  • A host of extra accessories


  • Poor fit for some
  • Slightly harsh audio

Another position on our list of the best earbuds under $100 is 1More’s Triple Driver in-ear headphones. This model offers a variety of advanced features that casual users and audiophiles alike will appreciate. It comes with a three-button remote and mic, as well as a sturdy cable and 9 sets of ear tips. The set also comes with an airplane audio adapter and a hard case.

On the outside, the 1More’s Triple Driver in-ear headphones boast of a sleek rose gold and black paint job. The design and gold accents make the Triple Driver in-ear headphones look more expensive than they really are! We also love how versatile these earbuds are. They are compatible with Android and Apple products.

Moving on to the performance, 1More Triple Driver delivers balanced, even mids and low. These are great earphones to use for acoustic music. When covered with the silicone ear tips, the 1More Triple Driver delivers punchy bass and sharper highs. The vocals are natural sounding, smooth, and clear. Speech intelligibility is great and the highs are well rendered.

However, the audio sounds a little jagged and harsh as the volume increases. Some say the 1More Triple Driver does not reach full on piercing quality of similar earphones. Also, the poor fit might be bothersome for some users. During testing, the earpiece tends to fall off repeatedly every now and then while on the move. We recommend using larger ear tips if you have larger ears to prevent this.

Bass is deep and tight, highs are open and airy, it’s hard to imagine anything in this price range sounding this good. All in all just a superb set of earbuds at an affordable price.

1More Triple Driver offers exceptional style and quality. It delivers balanced, clean, and precise sound quality. It’s also one of the best looking earbuds on the market right now!

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Tips and Buying Guide: The Best Earbuds Under $100

What to Expect from a Perfect Pair of Earbuds Under $100

Audio Quality
A pair of earphones that cost $100 is vastly different from say, similar products under 50 bucks. Earphones that cost $30 to $50 generally deliver similar audio quality. As the cost climbs to $70 and above, you’ll start noticing the difference in terms of audio performance. The audio quality is fuller, more robust with minimal distortion. The bass performance is also richer, more powerful.

As the price reaches $90 to $100, you can expect the absolute best sound a pair of buds has to offer. The audio is clear and crisp. The sound quality is dynamic, it has more depth. The lows are fuller, the pitch deeper.

Intuitive Features
Mid-range earbuds come with a variety of intuitive features. These features are meant to provide a better listening experience. For earbuds under $100, in-line controls and built-in mic are common. However, not all products from this price range come with these features. In-line controls let you set the volume, skip a track or answer calls. Earbuds with inline controls are perfect for taking calls, apart from listening to tracks.

Other earbuds come with plastic guides that secure the cables from behind the ears. This feature helps reduce microphonics or noise when the cables rub together. But there are others that come with collar clips instead of plastic guides. These clips keep microphonics down too.

Earbuds under $100 feel more substantial than cheaper earphones. They are definitely more durable than basic earphones. These products usually come with reinforced cables, metal accents, and ear tips in different sizes. The ear tips are also reusable, not disposable. With proper care, the ear tips should last years!

To reiterate, earbuds from this price point come with a great selection of accessories. These accessories include adapters, connector cables, ear tips, and a hard case or carrying pouch. That said, not all brands offer these goodies. From our list, 1MORE offers more extra accessories compared to other earbuds.

Who Should Buy This Product?

These earbuds are best for those who love listening to their tracks on a mobile device. The speakers deliver clear and crisp audio, which audiophiles will appreciate. Earbuds under $100 are definitely not cheap so these are perfect for users who want a greater sense of sonic space.

These products are also perfect for commuters. Earbuds’ sealed in design help eliminate unwanted sound in noisy environments. The in-line controls are perfect for commuting too. You can take calls whenever. Earbuds in this price range are rarely sweat resistant though. That means they’re not the best option for gym goers.