A computer setup isn’t complete without speakers. Computer speakers are speakers designed specifically for desktops and laptops. These speakers come with standard audio connections to enhance the audio quality of a computer.

Not all personal computers come with a great set of speakers. And let’s face it, playing a game or watching a movie just isn’t fun if the audio is crappy. A great set of speakers could be useful when you’re working too! A decent sound system delivers clear and crisp audio, allowing you to enjoy a video, a game, or a video clip.

Monitor and Speakers

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The good news is, you don’t need to spend a small fortune on excellent computer speakers! We’ve scoured the four corners of the web to bring you the best computer speakers under $100. Here are our recommendations:

Best Computer Speakers Under $100

Logitech Z523

Logitech Speaker System Z523


  • With subwoofer
  • Great bass delivery
  • Elegant design
  • Lightweight


  • Brighter than normal treble

The Logitech Z523 is a 3-piece computer speaker system. The set is comprised of two compact speakers and a squat box subwoofer. The Z523 is perfectly lightweight and compact. The back of the speakers hold all the cable connections, including the PC ports and PC connection. The right-hand speaker comes with a standard 3.5mm line-in jack.

We love how unobtrusive the set is, the Z523 blends seamlessly with its surroundings. This is a great set of speakers for music listening on the PC because the audio quality is clear and dynamic. That said, the system works just as great as DVD player speakers. The power button pulls double duty as a volume button. A bass level knob is added for thunderous bass.

The Z523 features a 40W RMS audio output so expect a lot of power for such an affordable speaker set. The audio is clear and loud, perfect for medium-sized rooms. The bass response is punchy and powerful, perfect for movie watching. The treble and midrange are great, they’re not as detailed as higher end speakers. The treble is a bit brighter but we feel that the focus has always been the bass.

I would recommend this speaker system to anyone who needs a good set of computer speakers. I’ve had mine for a few months now, and I could not be happier. I would recommend this speaker system to anyone who needs a good set of computer speakers. I’ve had mine for a few months now, and I could not be happier!

For an affordable set of speakers at this price range, the Z523 wins in terms of audio quality and value. The set is quite versatile. It’s perfect for gaming and movie watching. The subwoofer is an added plus to this value-for-money set!

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Creative GigaWorks T20

Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II


  • Punchy, energetic bass
  • Excellent design
  • Detachable speaker grilles


  • Short wires
  • Slight distortion

The T20 is a part of Creative GigaWorks’ Series II 2.0 multimedia entertainment system. This is a set of 2-way PC speakers with a luxurious gold and black paint job. As far as design goes, T20 is one of the best-looking sets out there. The set comes with two speakers and a dual RCA-to-stereo adapter. It doesn’t come with a separate subwoofer so the set is quite compact.

The right-side speaker has all the major key functions including the bass, treble, and volume control. There is also a headphone and auxiliary-in port built into the speakers. Both speakers are angled so audio is delivered at ear level. The speakers also come with a detachable grille frame as well as a cloth grille. For maximum audio delivery, we recommend taking the grille off.

Thanks to its dedicated controls, the T20 allows you to customize your sound according to your preference. While the headphone jack and the auxiliary port are set on the front, the RCA connection port is situated at the back of the speaker.

When it comes to audio delivery, T20 performs well even without a subwoofer. Its BasXPort feature mimics a subwoofer operation, enhancing the lows and mids with energy. The bass response is amazing for the price. The bass is always rich and dynamic. The vocals are crisp and clear, they’re not over-emphasized in any way.

The T20 could handle energetic tracks with ease and fluidity. That said, there is slight distortion when you crank the bass booster all the way up. As for the downsides, there aren’t a lot. We wish the wires are longer so setup is much easier.

Top tier computer speakers! Every time an audio file is played, beautiful, rich and deep sound instantly pours from these speakers. They are a great buy. Very solid construction and very aesthetically pleasing, they look sharp.

The T20 is definitely a solid performer that’s worth every penny. It delivers amazingly clean crisp audio and dynamic bass response. You can also customize the audio according to your needs thanks to its dedicated controls.

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Bose Companion 2 Series III

Bose Companion 2 Series III


  • Smooth audio and punchy bass
  • Sparkling treble
  • Compact built


  • Midrange needs emphasis
  • Slight distortion

Bose is one of the most popular audio products brands in the industry and the Companion 2 is one of our go-to PC speakers! For one thing, the affordability is awesome. You get quality audio and excellent customer service for less than a hundred bucks, what’s not to like? The Companion 2 Series III may not come with a subwoofer but you won’t miss it.

The set comes with 2 7-inch speakers that are connected together with a 6 feet wire. The right side speaker has a built-in volume knob. You’ll also find a headphone jack on the front and a 3.5 port on the back of the speaker. The speakers also come with a detachable power cord. It doesn’t come with a remote control.

The design is pretty straightforward. The speakers sport an all-black paint job with no distinct accent colors. Installation is just as easy, the set is a plug and play device. Just hook the Companion to your TV or computer and you’re done. There’s no extra step to think about.

When it comes to audio delivery, the Bose Companion 2 works better when the speakers are side by side. Audio quality is robust, full bodied and dynamic. The lows register with a punch while the enhanced mid bass add definition to the tracks.

The midrange is clear and clean. When the bass is pumped up, the mids tend to lose definition. That said, the mids do not sound muddy at all, they could use a little emphasis though. Crank the volume all the way up and we could detect minor distortion. That said, the treble is incredibly clear.

These are by far the best speakers I have ever used for a computer. It honestly sounds like I have a home theater on my desk. The bass is tremendous, and the highs and mids are crisp and wide. It sounds great for all types of music, movies, television, streaming, and gaming. I have zero complaints about this product. This is not overhyped, overpriced garbage. Bose is the real deal.

The design is pretty stripped down but there’s nothing basic about the Companion 2’s audio delivery. The set offers powerful bass and crisp treble in one compact package. Bose Companion 2 brings great value-for-money features at a pocket-friendly price.

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Tips and Buying Guide: Best Computer Speakers Under $100

Factors to Consider For Computer Speakers Under $100

When it comes to computer speakers, the choices are vast and affordable. But if you really want to get the most bang for your buck, here are the most important factors you should consider while shopping around:

Excellent Audio Quality
Computer speakers priced under $100 are reasonably high in quality and built. Go for speakers that deliver excellent bass, clear mids, and defined treble. The vocals should be clean and detailed. These are the kind of speakers that are perfect for gaming and movie watching.

Low to mid-range PC speakers tend to offer stripped down features, including LED lights, control pod, and so on. However, there are sets that offer bass, volume, and treble control. These speakers offer the best value because you can customize the audio according to your preference.

It’s not fun setting up an overly complicated set of speakers. Not all users are tech-savvy too. Our advice is to choose a speaker set that’s easy to use and even easier to set up. The speakers on our list are all plug and play sets. They take only a few minutes to set up, no added software needed.

This will depend on how you want to use the speakers and where. Some PC speakers are wireless or they come with detachable cables for easy transportation. These speakers are perfect for office use because they are travel-friendly.

If you’re using the speakers in the office, you don’t need huge sound. But for home use, you want powerful audio and thunderous bass in a set of speakers.

Why Should You Get a Set of Computer Speakers?

Enhanced Audio
Who doesn’t want better audio on their computer? Cheaper PC speakers or tiny laptop speakers won’t cut it if you are into games or movies. Excellent sound quality makes gaming or movie watching on a computer a more enjoyable experience sans a headset. How else are you going to enjoy your daily binge watching on PC without clear, crisp sound and thunderous bass? You cannot get better sound quality with crappy PC or laptop speakers. Enhanced audio is also useful when you’re working. No matter what you’re doing, a great set of speakers will improve your overall listening experience on PC.

Upgraded Setup
A basic PC setup is great but if you really want to enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing on your PC, you need better gears. Admit it, you get more things done when you have a more capable machine in your hands. A high-quality set of speakers is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to enhance your PC setup.

Immersive User Experience
Most mid-range PC speakers come with a subwoofer along with 2 speakers. The set is meant to give the illusion of surround sound for a richer, more immersive listening experience. PCs and laptops work the same in terms of delivering audio cues. They come with audio alerts to provide immersive user experience. A great set of speakers improves user experience by giving these audio cues a much-needed boost. This way, you can work efficiently and get more things done.